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For some, it’s a constant battle to the top through diversity and struggle. We are all human and make mistakes, but this does not mean we are lost forever.

Reading “Earthstrong” will give you a glimpse into the struggles I’ve faced and have overcome. I am wanting to share this with you, in the hopes that you will learn new ways to recognize your purpose in life.

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The Earthstrong Program

Ready to take the next step in finding your purpose? Mark your calendars for the Earthstrong Program coming in Janurary, 2024!

This program will consist of 14 lessons separated into two sessions (each sessions sold separately). Session One unlocks lessons 1-7 and Session Two unlocks 8-14. You will have a video lesson from Coach Brix each week along with a downloadable worksheet to correspond with the lesson you are on. Learn what YOUR purpose is and how you can apply yourself in everyday life.


Dave Brixius’ book “Earth Strong” brings an inspiring message we desperately need to hear today. Through gritty storytelling and humble reflection on building lives of meaning, Dave shows how strengthening our connections to family, community and true purpose are what really empower us to weather life’s storms. In an age where so many are left adrift, “Earth Strong” grounds us with such valuable lessons as listening to our hearts, embracing imperfect progress, and finding purpose beyond personal gain. Dave’s easy, conversational writing style makes these timeless truths remarkably accessible. After turning the last page, I was deeply moved yet left with a renewed sense of hope – proof that what we really yearn for has been within us all along. This is without doubt a must-read book for our times.
Justin Kavanaugh

Owner, Athlete HQ