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real man series

Real Man Series Retreat 2022

Real Man Retreat


December 16th | 12:30pm till 4:00pm

Join us for MMA/Self defense training, fellowship, and much more!

Open to all males over the age of 13. Fathers and sons are encouraged to attend!

This retreat's purpose is to wake up the modern man.
Odds are, you have heard the saying:
"Hard times create strong men.
Strong men create good times.
Good times create weak men.
Weak men create hard times."

I believe we are right around the end of 'Good times create weak men'.
With the way society is headed, we could be seeing a new phase created that won't be in our favor. We need to turn things around immediately!

Topic and areas that we will cover:

  • MMA/Self-Defense Training
  • Discussion on God
  • Leadership Discussion
  • Role of the Man in Life
  • How to be a Teammate but still an Individual
  • Small Group Break-Out Discussions (different topics related to men)
  • AND much more!

Fathers and sons are encouraged to attend!